Antique objects


The old affordable prices

While prices for twenty-first century design and contemporary furniture continue to rise, antiques and classic furniture remain affordable. “It is now possible to buy a high quality object, handmade in the fourteenth century, at a lower price than a contemporary piece of furniture”.

Durability of antiques and classic furniture

The quest for quality and sustainability is increasingly present in our society. While the fashion sector is already adapting to this trend, the antiques sector, and more specifically antique furniture, is undergoing its first transformations. According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, households account for 20% of the environmental impact, and almost half of this percentage concerns furniture and material goods.

Buying second-hand objects is not just a trend, it is a fundamental attitude to adopt if we want to see real environmental change.

This awareness encourages consumption patterns that are more sustainable. If future generations are losing interest in ready-to-wear and are turning to vintage second-hand clothes for more quality and originality, the same trend seems to be confirmed in the world of interior design and furnishing. New furniture, of lesser quality, and whose production proves to be costly for the environment, is no longer attractive.